Body Mind Spirit

For centuries in the west, people have been feeling that they are at the mercy of forces beyond their control and are now seeking; quite energetically, to regain empowerment of their health, their wellbeing, their lives, their destiny, which people now vigorously pursue to look and experience that in the past has been described as weird, supernatural, spiritual or alternative.

Oddly these practices have been in place for centuries and in some instances thousands of years and enshrined in their own ethics, research and written texts or cyphers.

More and more people are gravitating towards self-empowerment to deal with their state of wellbeing.

These  complimentary(alternative) philosophies offer an approach that is more enlightening in maintaining health and wellbeing.

Meditation is not new it is up to 5000 years old. Meditation is a integral part of the teachings and practices of Ayurveda and Yoga. In fac it is regarded as a triad ‘Ayurveda – Yoga – Medation’ as the the body’s energies (charkras) – body – mind – spirit is imperative. All three work in harmony (synergy).

The practice of meditation is neither mysterious nor complex, it is based on harmony, balance and understanding of and fulfilment of oneself and the stages that you follow to lead you into that state which is meditation.

Leading up to meditation

Ayurved as approach is:

  • The individual learns to be the world but not of the world – you observe attachments (thoughts, emotion and sound) but do not embrace them.
  • Prior too; have an affirmation (mantra) that is positive about you, a simple, concise one which is easy to repeat. No if’s or maybe’s. Then repeat it 3 times so that your unconscious mind becomes a part, a recipient of what will follow.
  • Chakras: if you are aware of what they are, how they function and then meaning of colours. Begin preparing them yourself.


Be comfortable/relaxed

Choose a place that you will be comfortable, create your sanctuary – choose a few items, cushion, stool (alter), candle, incense burner, crystals that will draw your focus ( an item that has personal meaning). You create an area around you for balance – focus –inner strength.

Be calm

Fidget, scratch, yawn, cough, sneeze, stretch

Say your affirmation (mantra)

“It does not matter. Here and now it is all about you. Nothing else. You are an observer”