The Dhammapada

Sayings of Buddha for enlightenment

Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much

As your own thoughts, unguarded.

Master your senses

What you taste and smell

What you see, what you hear

In all things be a master

Of what you do and say and think

Be free

You are a Seeker

Delight in the mastery

Of your hands and your feet

Of your wonders and your thoughts

Delight in meditation

And solitude

Compose yourself, be happy

You are a seeker

As you begin to be calm say your affirmation 3 times.

Pranayama (breathing)

Breath in deeply slowly:

Exhale slowly, do this 5 times or as long as it takes before you begin to feel inward calm and a growing force of inner strength.

If you are advanced:

Inhale deeply – hold for 3 seconds Exhale – hold for 3 seconds.

Tantra – controlling your energy

  • If you are not aware of charkras visualize your favouritecolour and begin a journey of energy and focus.
  • Charkras – from your charkra visualize and open each in one turn.

As you go through these stages you will become calmer yet you are aware of your surroundings. Thoughts and sounds still enter your senses and mind.

Remember allow thoughts (attachments) to enter but do not take ownership (this time is yours, thoughts can be dealt with later), let them come but also let them go. Random they are they are not a part of now.

Sounds, do not focus on them the are just noise – so what. Who care if the car screeches or  the cat meows.

Meditation is personal to each individual, what you have been shown is a journey that you undertake by enabling your mind to be free of physical constraints of our mind and body.

Ultimately you will be able to Meditate anywhere. The loudest places or the quietest, the most disgusting or the most serene, as well as time become just that. On your journey it is irrelevant. You can do it for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour or more.

Meditation is the awakening of your creative intelligence.
This is the benediction of meditation.