Client Testimonials


Patti Glasgow
“I really don’t want to tell people how amazing Patrick because it will make it even more difficult to get in to see him. He has an incredible way of energy healing, massage and releasing stress.”

Rowena Sanderson
“Patrick, I love you! So does everyone else I send your way. Thanks again for your time, your insight, and above all your time. You are the most gorgeous man, mind, body and soul. x”
Ashley Robinson
“Patrick is my first call when I wake up with a sore neck. He can fix me up everytime. Gets me back to work and feeling awesome.”
Fiona Pilchowski
“Patrick gave me an amazing remedial massage that effectively treated both problems I knew I had, and ones I had forgotten about. A very caring, supportive person. Thanks Patrick  🙂”
Michelle J Schmidt
“Thanks again Pat, for fitting my daughter in. She was in a lot of pain and you fixed her right up.”
Louise Previtera
“I float out of the clinic after being with Pat. So peaceful and relaxing. I am at ease. Thanks Pat!”
Tracy Raiteri
“I had a tendon problem in my lower leg that had been stopping me for exercising to lose weight. Patrick worked on the problem and showed me how I can continue to work on it myself.”
Lauren Compton
“Such a relaxing experience, every time I visit I float away, highly recommended”
Elle Oz
“Just had the most relaxing & beneficial massage in a very long time – thank you so much Pat your are amazing & truly have healing hands.”
Dinesh Singham
“Definitely a massage with a difference. Highly recommended. Thanks Pat!”
Melissa Prince
“Raindrop therapy, like a beautiful painting- delicious smelling oils mixed individually in an intricate pattern of swirls and strokes = a very relaxing experience! Thank you Patrick  🙂”
Rochelle Ryan
“Patrick is brilliant! After driving from Brisbane to Townsville I needed a massage. Was delighted to find Patrick and found he is world class with his knowledge and experience.”
Patricia Mallard
“Most relaxing yet healing massage Ive had!! My whole body feels so much better. Thanks Pat!”
Derek Chapman
“You want to expirence something different from the normal pounding and bruising then this therapy is for you !”