Ayurvedic Massage

For the pursuit of rejuvenation and revitalisation of the body – mind – spirit as well as raising our energies to a higher level.

This is achieved through the massage; the method of pressure, rhythm, marma point work and energy for the benefit and wellbeing of the client.

Massage and the techniques applied are a part of the Ayurveda and in being a recipient you become aware, wherein you will feel an enlightenment of body, mind and spirit and begin to understand that your body and mind are one in maintaining and keeping you in balance.

We create our own pain manifesting through the mind of our emotions. When we are in this state, tense and stressed, our physical body reacts by contracting muscles resulting in pain to our body. Through this process our mental attitude is affected by manifesting itself in such a way that our existence becomes painful.

In countries where massage is a part of daily life people’s skin looks healthier, they are more alive, their vitality is effervescent and emotionally they are in a better space.

The art of listening to one’s body has been lost in this modern age of machines and computers which in itself discourages people from taking responsibility for their health and well being.

Ayurveda massage not only strengthens the muscles and firms the skin, it also gives the body the space to heal in its own natural way.