Didgeridoo Healing

The didgeridoo is an indigenous musical instrument which produces powerful rhythmic tones.



Its broad range of harmonics and overtones imparted by the player enable it to be used as a legitimate sound therapy or healing tool as are Tibetan gongs and musical bowls.

Sound therapy describes various modulates that use sound to treat mental and physical conditions.

Indigenous tribes are known to have used the didgeridoo to play near sick people to help heal them. Today its ablitiy to have positive effect is growing.


The dynamics of the harmonics, of the harmonics, overtones and rhythms produced when played during therapy help bring back individuals’ vibrations (inner self) to a less chaotic rhythm massage on the person the person in which three events occur.

  1. Muscle pain and general soreness will ease, similar when other electronic devices are applied to the body through the low frequency sound waves generated.
  2. Cleansing static, negative energy from within by re-balancing the body’s energy centres.
  3. The unique sound combined with its rhythm and tones enable the recipient to achieve a meditative phase wherein the brains (theta delta) waves are stimulated.

It is in these waves when harmonized re-balance our body- mind –spirit and we begin to achieve our healing potential.